How to Tell if a Guy Likes You or Not

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You or Not

With so many hot singles always now being so easy to discover both in person and on the best dating apps, you could do with knowing for sure whether the guy you have the hots for actually likes you or whether he’s just friendly. With our advice, you’ll be able to capitalize on those who do and avoid those who don’t, sparing your blushes on the way to achieving lasting dating success with the opposite sex. Here are the most tell-tale signs he’s actually into dating you! Let there be no more questions in your mind!

Best Love Stories

The Best Love Stories that We Could Find

The perfect love story doesn’t exist...oh wait, yes, it does! We found two of the greatest love stories ever and compiled them for you so that you never give up on your search for your true soulmate. No, unfortunately, Rose and Jack’s titanic “fairy-tale” didn’t quite make the cut.So, sit back, relax and prepare to be fully immersed in the lives of these former lonely singles!

How to Be a Cougar

So, the Question of the Day: How to Be a Cougar

"Rawr" - majestic, fierce, agile, stealthy, beautiful. No, we aren't describing the predators of the wild! We're describing a woman who enjoys dating younger men. They're sexy, independent, hot, and know exactly what they have to offer. Mariah Carey, Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, Madonna - they all fall on the "cougar" list. But cougar dating is more than just sexing up your look and jumping into bed with a younger man. So here are some tips to help you to cougar-it-up and rock it on couples and cougar dating sites or out on the scene

Good Flirty Texts Your Crush

Good Flirty Texts to Start the Conversation with Your Crush

When it comes to sending that perfect message to start your desired conversation with your crush, nerves often prevent millions of people around the world from reaching out. However, more often than not, your crush will reciprocate your feelings, opening the door to a world of new possibilities!

How Do Introverts Flirt

So How Do Introverts Flirt? Let's Find it Out

With the emergence of the world's best dating sites for introverts and extroverts alike, previously "shyer" singles now can chat, flirt and mingle with their ideal partners without stepping outside of their comfort zone or even leaving their house. Previously, introverts could only ever meet new people out in the city, with face-to-face dating opportunities that don't suit them and the anxiety felt inside. Instead, people now have the chance to introduce themselves to new people from the comfort of their own homes, without feeling awkward and yielding great results all around.

How to Flirt with a Girl Online

How to Flirt with a Girl Online

Your online dating journey begins with online flirting! The first deciding factor in your pursuit is your bio from the platform you use to meet girls. What ignites the spark of desire, though, is the first interaction between the two of you, which comes in the form of text messages. At least at first, then later it might progress into audio messages, calls, and even a steamy exchange of photos. To help you find the perfect girl for you, we are going to provide you with best practices when it comes to online flirting, as well as the best dating sites.

Aren't Interested in Them

How to Tell Someone You Just Aren't Interested in Them

As fun as dating is, it's also very daunting. There's a chance that you could find true love and live happily ever after, but at the same time, you could get hurt or, worse, have to hurt someone else. But saying no to that second date or simply telling someone that you're not interested shouldn't have to be that complicated. It's the best thing that you could do for yourself and the other person.

How to Write a Good Dating Profile

How to Write a Good Dating Profile

Dating has gone digital. Prior to 2021, online dating was a popular method of finding and connecting with potential partners. Now, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, digital communication has eclipsed all other modes of romantic interaction. Dating during a global pandemic means selling yourself through a screen. We're having to showcase who we are and highlight our winning assets through a combination of photo and text. It seems preposterous, but it works. There are more and more online dating success stories every day - people are finding their soulmates through dating apps and websites!

Get to Know Questions to Ask on a Dating Site for Success

Ways to Save a Struggling Relationship

There comes the point in any relationship where things aren't going as well as they once were. Be that due to work stresses, family life, money, or a combination of these, there are endless reasons our relationships with the person we love most hit the rocks. Whether it's been months, years, or even days since you got together, each relationship is different but undoubtedly will run into its fair share of problems along the way. Whilst most arguments are quickly resolved, sometimes things drag on much longer than we'd like.

Talk to a Girl Online

How to Talk to a Girl Online

More women than ever are turning to the best dating sites in search of highly compatible men for both short and long-term dating outcomes in today's modern society. As such, all men are now required to know the best ways to talk to a girl online. The days of meeting women in bars and clubs look to be over. Therefore you need to brush up on your skills of talking to women online if you want to stand a chance enjoying dating success with women. Most men these days know the best ways to walk to women on the best dating sites; it's time you do too!

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