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BuddyGays is a unique platform that not only operates as a dating site but also as a social networking service for gay men (something that’s not always mentioned in other BuddyGays reviews!). Unlike many other services for gay men that also allow female or straight members onto the service, BuddyGays is an exclusive service, which means that the community is one of a kind!

BuddyGays Overview

BuddyGays provides gay men around the world with a unique balance of flirting, friendship, and sexual tension on one single platform. An important part of all BuddyGays reviews is the dating aspect, but the social networking aspect is important as well since it’s one of the things that sets this site apart from the competition.


As a gay-only website, BuddyGays is specifically designed for gay men. It makes every guy at home by offering simple classifications with “Tribes,” which allows men to self-identify using terms like “Jock,” “Twink,” or “Bear.”

Has “Tribes” for easy self-classification

100% gay male community

Active member base

Users from all age ranges


We couldn’t really find any of the negatives mentioned in other BuddyGays reviews. The only real downside to this website is the paywall, which is required to keep the site up and running. Still, it would be nice if at least some form of messaging was free since a lack of free membership means you’ll need to become a premium member if you want to form any type of meaningful relationship with another member on the site.

Chat is a premium feature

No mobile app available

Group photos are not allowed

sign up BuddyGays

Signup Process

BuddyGays takes the usual signup process and makes it even easier since only men looking for men are allowed on this service. All you’ll need to provide is your age, email address, password, and current location, often automatically picked up by the site according to your IP address, so that’s one less step.

While we’re sure other BuddyGays reviews have mentioned it, we want to remind you to always check your location! Since it’s initially based on your IP address, it may not always be correct. However, if it’s wrong, you can (and should) manually change it. Otherwise, it can’t show you the closest matches!

profile BuddyGays

Members and Profiles

Although it’s a niche dating site, BuddyGays still manages to have a decently-sized user base, with over 300,000 members from the United States. However, you may still be able to use this site to meet international singles.

As previously mentioned, only gay men are allowed on this website, so the membership is 100% male. The BuddyGays profiles provide a decent amount of information about the person, so while you won’t be able to learn everything about a person, you’ll at least have enough to start a conversation. Information includes basic things like height as well as specifics like living situation.


An important thing to cover in any BuddyGays review is their security measures. Unfortunately, this is often skipped in other reviews, but we think this is important to know since online safety is a top priority when dating online.

All the gay men who use this site are first and foremost protected by the membership fee, which limits the communication options of free members while discouraging fake or scam accounts from creating a paid account.

Since BuddyGays uses HTTPS encryption, all information transferred through the site is safe during the entire process, meaning you won’t have to worry about someone stealing your credit card information. Like most dating sites, there are “Block” and “Report” buttons on each profile, which are nice to have but hopefully won’t be needed.

This is where the security measures end. Unlike some other sites, BuddyGays doesn’t offer any form of verification (beyond email verification), which means you’ll need to take a bit more care when meeting someone online. Fortunately, the service allows you to send photos and videos via chat, which means you can easily prove if someone is real or not before agreeing to meet up with them.

BuddyGays Reviews

  • “I already have a boyfriend, but I use BuddyGays anyway. My boyfriend and I actually use to together to meet other gay guys in the area. It’s a great way to find new brunch buddies!” - Bryan
  • “After reading a few BuddyGays reviews, I figured it was worth a shot. I love how only gay men are allowed on the site. You might not think so, but there’s actually a lot of judgment within the LGBT community, so having a site dedicated specifically to us is really comforting!” - Trevor
  • “A site just for gays—finally! I’ve been using BuddyGays for a few months now (both for finding friends and a man!). It’s fairly basic, but it’s exactly what my life was missing!” - Clyde

Costs and Prices

Often, niche sites don’t have affordable membership options instead of charging exorbitant prices for the privilege of using their services for dates or hookups. We’re happy to report that this simply isn’t the case with BuddyGays! This site offers a wide variety of membership options, and even the most expensive option is still cheaper than many other premium services.

One Day
One Week
One Month
Three Months
$48.60 ($16.20/month)

Non-paid Features

Like most hookup or dating websites we review, BuddyGays doesn’t offer everything you’ll need to find relationships for free. Still, you’ll at least be able to look at your potential buddy, so that’s a start!

Free account creation

“Hot or Not”

View profiles

Send five free messages

Paid Features

As with most of our reviews, the best features are limited to paying members. In this case, we really don’t mind it (especially when you consider the affordable membership prices!). BuddyGays definitely can be used for free, but you’re sure to have a much more rewarding experience if you choose to upgrade!

Unlimited messages

Expanded search results

View full-size member photos

How to Make Contact in BuddyGays

When it comes to reaching out to fellow BuddyGays community members, you’ll have a couple of different options (assuming you’re a premium member). The most obvious is the chat feature. Whereas some services only allow you to send text-based messages, this site allows you to send pictures and videos in chat, which is the perfect way to take your virtual relationship to the next level!

If messaging one man at a time doesn’t seem effective to you, the FlirtCast feature is what you need. This feature allows you to pre-written messages to multiple members at one time, increasing the likelihood of response (therefore, a match!).

If you’re not having any luck with the options above (or simply haven’t seen anyone that catches your eye), then you can use the “Hot or Not” feature. Similar to the popular dating app Tinder, this mini-game allows you to “Like” or “Pass” on the random members it shows you.

Although the members it shows you may not be close by, this can be a great opportunity to take advantage of the social networking part of BuddyGays, since your online friends can be from anywhere!

BuddyGays Support

Another thing we thought worth mentioning in this BuddyGays review was the support! Every member has access to basic customer care, who can take care of concerns ranging from in-site interactions to billing issues, but premium members benefit from priority care.

Customer care can be reached by clicking on “Get Support” under the dropdown menu on the upper right-hand corner of the page. From here, you’re presented with two options: “Help” and “Contact Us.”

The “Help” section is for self-service, but it actually contains a lot of information that will answer most of the questions you may have. You can find anything from maximizing your membership and updating your account to the best safety practices for online dating here. “Contact Us,” on the other hand, is your direct connection with the BuddyGays staff.

The “Contact Us” feature allows you to file your question under a number of different categories, such as “technical issues,” “photo,” or “functionality.” If you have a question that can’t be answered simply by reading the “Help” section, then submitting a “Contact Us” form is the quickest way to get any issues resolved.

BuddyGays Design

As the last part of our BuddyGays review, we figure it’s important to go over the layout you’ll be using to meet your new matches (or find true love!). The rainbow is often used to represent the gay community, and it’s used here in the site logo.

However, we were surprised to realize that this is the only place where it is used. The rest of the site is mainly two-toned: black and white. Notifications switch between purple and blue, which actually looks quite nice!

The layout is very basic, but this is a plus. People familiar with online dating will have no trouble using this even if this is their first time on the site, and people new to online dating can easily figure it out because everything is clearly labeled.


Is BuddyGays free?

Yes and no. Some features (such as creating an account or viewing other profiles) are free. However, to enjoy key features such as unlimited messages, you will have to upgrade to a paid account. Fortunately, there are a variety of plans available, so this shouldn’t be a problem no matter your budget!

How do I change my BuddyGays username?

Changing your username is extremely easy. To do so, simply navigate to your profile and click on “Edit Info.” From here, you will be able to customize your username!

What are BuddyGays favorites?

Your favorite are people that you’ve hand-picked to be on your favorites list by clicking on the “Like Heart” that appears on their profile. Adding them to this list means you can easily access their profile at any time by simply going to your favorites list and clicking on their name!

Expert’s Conclusion on BuddyGays Review

There aren’t many sites that only cater to gay men, and there are even fewer that actually do it well. We were happy to discover that BuddyGays not only provides gay men with a lot of matchmaking opportunities but chances for friendship as well.

While the site may not be as advanced as other services, the simplistic interface works fine. Also, the prices are much lower than the industry average, making this a great choice for any gay man searching for a friend, romantic or otherwise.

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