How to Tell if a Guy Likes You or Not

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You or Not

With so many hot singles always now being so easy to discover both in person and on the best dating apps, you could do with knowing for sure whether the guy you have the hots for actually likes you or whether he’s just friendly. With our advice, you’ll be able to capitalize on those who do and avoid those who don’t, sparing your blushes on the way to achieving lasting dating success with the opposite sex. Here are the most tell-tale signs he’s actually into dating you! Let there be no more questions in your mind!

Body Language

Men interested in you will give major clues with their body language. The main sign is by determining which way his feet are pointing. If his feet are facing you, it’s likely he has an attraction towards you. Men place their feet in a position towards the things they want, i.e., if they want to leave, their feet will be pointed towards the door, no questions asked.

Does he try and get closer to dating you at every opportunity? Guys who really want to start dating you will make attempts to lean in towards you, sit closer to you, or “accidentally” touch your hand. We all know it’s not accidental; men do this to further engage you, testing to see if you pull away or allow the behavior. By doing so, they can remove their internal questions of “does she like me?” Remember, he’s thinking just the same about you, as you are about him when it comes to dating!

He Makes Effort

Pay attention to the way he looks, smells, and sounds when you meet him the first time. Use this as a reference for the second, third, and fourth time you meet the guy. This way, you’ll know for sure if he really likes you. A guy who likes you will take time to make sure he looks the part, smells the park, and can relate to you in conversation. So, if his hair is slicked back and it wasn’t before, or you can smell his expensive cologne from 25 yards away, this is all good news for you and your dating endeavors.

He Reaches Out Online

He Reaches Out Online

This is especially true if you didn’t meet on the best dating apps. Men who really like you will make an attempt to reach out online. Therefore they can keep the conversation going even though the distance between you is greater. As today pretty much everybody owns a mobile device, you can be sure that if he is trying to add you to his life on his personal social media accounts, he has a desire to get to know you further, highly likely for dating!

A guy who reaches out online after your first date certainly wants to know more about you.

He Gives You Great Compliments

Guys who really like you will not be shy with the compliments; this is how they begin dating. In today’s day and age, there are so many men vying for your attention; therefore, guys will do all they can to stand out from the crowd, including creating their own sometimes “super cringy” compliments. Whilst the compliments may not leave much to be desired, you can tell he likes you, more than just friends! Dating him is definitely on the horizon!

He’s Present in the Moment

He’s Present in the Moment

This one goes without saying, if he’s really into dating you, you can be sure that he will be off his phone when he’s with you and doing everything he can to stimulate the conversation further, such as asking questions. Men with an interest in taking things further will always go the extra mile to learn more about you as fast as they can, and by getting you to divulge to his questions, he achieves his goal.

So with that being said, the chances are if he’s on his phone a lot during your time together, it’s likely that it’s not going as well as you would imagine or hoped. However, if you don’t see his phone often during your time together, with the exception of once or twice, you’re in with a great shout of dating this man!

Now that you know the best ways to know if a man wants to begin dating, head out and make your desires a reality!

Take this helpful dating advice on-board and never have questions about whether he likes you or not again; not now you know for sure!

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