How to Write a Good Dating Profile

How to Write a Good Dating Profile: The Dos and Don'ts

Dating has gone digital. Prior to 2022, online dating was a popular method of finding and connecting with potential partners. Now, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, digital communication has eclipsed all other modes of romantic interaction.

Dating during a global pandemic means selling yourself through a screen. We're having to showcase who we are and highlight our winning assets through a combination of photo and text. It seems preposterous, but it works. There are more and more online dating success stories every day - people are finding their soulmates through dating apps and websites!

"How do they do it?!" We hear the crowd of singletons crying out. Well, they do it with top quality dating profiles on the best dating sites, and we're going to show you how!

Online Dating Profile Tips

Online dating doesn't have to be hard; half the struggle is in having a successful profile. Luckily, you've got us to provide you with the dos and don'ts of how to create a killer profile for the best dating sites out there.

Write Well!

It's astonishing how many people overlook basic spelling and grammar in their dating profiles. Whilst you're not trying to be the next Shakespeare, and you don't want to come off as the snarky English teacher, how you write does matter! Both consciously and subconsciously, people will take note of the way that you write.

A disregard for basic spelling and grammar suggests you're not all too bothered about how you present yourself. This inattentive attitude implies you don't care about how people on the site receive you, which ultimately suggests you're not all that concerned about what potential partners think.

Boring or bad writing has a snowball effect. The way you write reflects how enthusiastic you are about this process. Show others that you're serious about dating, and it's worth them reaching out to connect. If you don't, they'll likely ignore your profile, and you'll be left wondering why you've still not got a match!

Don't Undersell Yourself

We've all been there, shrugging off our biggest achievements or our best assets as nothing special or not that big a deal. We want to seem humble and modest so we don't come across as intimidating or unapproachable.

Unfortunately, our attempts at modesty are what damage our potential and downgrade our dating profile. A digital dating profile gives us very little to work with. In-person, you can flash that winning smile or tell them a funny joke, but the digital world makes this a whole lot harder.

When it comes to using dating sites, what they know is what you tell them. This means you need to tell them how great you are and inform them of the reasons you're a great potential partner!

To do this, you need to post that photo you know you look fierce in! Share that incredible job promotion you've just received! Don't brag; this isn't Linkedin, but make sure you're not underselling yourself and doing the wonderful person you are in real life a digital disservice.

Be Detailed

The more detail your dating profile includes, the more approachable it makes you. People don't want to be looking for a diamond in the rust when it comes to conversation starters. They want potential topics of conversation to be jumping out at them as they scroll through your profile!

It's important to note, being detailed doesn't mean telling your whole life story in your bio. People don't want to read huge chunks of text, nor do you want to overwhelm them. To write a successful dating profile, you need to be friendly, engaging, and to the point. A bullet point list works great for this! It's a simple way to quick-fire some facts about yourself that others can read and see if they click with.

For example:

  • Cats over dogs any day
  • Like Joey, I do not share food!
  • Lover of live music and festivals
  • Total bookworm! Message me for reading recommendations
  • Professional chef, let me cook for you!

These are fun and engaging facts about yourself that consist of information without being boring; they even suggest things you could do with a potential significant other. Others using the dating app or website will happily scan through these and can easily see if you have anything in common and if they can picture themselves in these scenarios with you.

The digital dating world can seem intimidating, and sitting down to write your dating profile might feel like an assignment you're always putting off writing. But with these simple steps to writing a dating profile, the process can be fun!

The key to writing a successful dating profile for the best dating sites is to sell yourself well. You do this with engaging writing, highlighting your best assets, and keeping things short and sweet. These three do's and don'ts are easy to follow and are guaranteed to help you find the sweet spot between underselling and oversharing.

Now all that's left is to reach out and connect. Happy dating!

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